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About Me

Welcome to my site!   In December of 2014, I released my first CD project titled The Mixstory, Volume 1: Tales of Love.  I was (and I am) glad that I could present this work to you guys, and my prayer is that God will continue to be glorified through it in such a big BIG way!!! Currently, I'm writing new material to share with you guys!

On this website you will find stories from my journey as well as links to my music.  Check it out and then tell your friends and your mama to check it out!   Should you browse my site, it is very likely you may find stories under the title, "Tacara Journey."  That was my alias name from what was once my online radio show, The Lighthouse.  I now host "Lighthouse Gatherings" through my ministry initiative, the Intensive Care Unit (

My main focus is to cultivate relationships whether that be through music, speaking, writing, or you reaching out to me via social media using the links to your right.

Lastly, thank you soooo much for your time.  I pray whatever you find here is beautiful, sincere, and pours out...Jesus.  Love ya more than ya know!

Carlena Prophet is an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter and worship leader.  A native of Augusta, GA, her musical journey began at a young age as both a soloist and member of The Prophets, a gospel group formed by Carlena and her three sisters.  
Known by her rich and soulful voice, Carlena is a multi-genre artist blending her sound with inspiring messages of faith, hope and love. She released her first CD project, The Mixstory, Vol. 1: Tales of Love in December of 2014.
She currently serves as a worship leader at Tribe Church Atlanta and travels for both ministry and community events.  A sought after vocalist, Carlena seeks to deliver life-driven songs built on a Christian perspective.