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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's Alright, It's Okay

Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.  -Psalm 55:22 NLT 

Everything is alright.  Everything is okay.  And it will all work out.  

It's words like those that I've had to speak to myself during these past few years of my life.  And some day I will share more of my testimony with you, but it's not the right season to do so now.  What I do know is that you and I have a choice about whether we choose to remain in a season of contentment during our tests.  The only reason our hope is deferred and heart becomes sick (Proverbs 13:12) is because we allow room for the atmosphere to shift in our lives by forsaking our joy, our trust in God and we become impatient.

I refuse to allow that to happen.  Not just because other folks have far worse circumstances but because it is by the hand of God that I exist and it is through Him that I have purpose.  I think it's on the CoverGirl commercials where they say, "...because you're worth it" or wait, is that Maybelline?  Anyhow, that commercial reminds women of their exterior beauty.  Well, I can smile knowing that the beauty of my worth is found in Christ alone.  Not only does he reconfirm to me daily that I am worth more than any circumstance but I am also reminded that He is so worth it.

He is worth more than the tears I could pour.  More than the heartache I could feel.  And worth more than the life that I Iive.  Christ is worth more because He saw me as more and demonstrated it through His life, death, and resurrection.

Allow those refining moments to serve as a reminder that He is worth it.  He didn't give up on us so what right do we have to give up on us?  Life has never been about whether it feels good to go through the fire yet there's beauty in the process.  And the fact that you live to see another day is evidence your godly purpose remains.

Today I leave you with J Moss's new single (which I am currently loving).  It's called, Alright Ok.  Here's the link if you're on a mobile device,

...These past few months have been very busy with me moving around Atlanta.  But I wanted to make sure I wrote some words for you today and if you're new to my site, "Hello!"  I try to share pieces of my journey so that you will be inspired while traveling on yours.  And the only road I take is through Jesus.

Thank you for allowing me to speak life into your today...


p.s. Here's the link to my cover of Just the Way You Are which I referenced in my last post, 


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