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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Battle of Rising

A few days ago, I posted this story up on Facebook and I wanted to share it with you all here...

Oh my goodness...I just had a crazy dream. There was a big monstrous male creature coming after one of my family members. When it caught up with her it began to beat her and she fought back only to be beat down and left lying on the floor. So I grabbed something to beat it with. I remember having a hammer at one point. I remember praying and rebuking the thing as I hit it but when that didn't...seem to work I gave up on the prayer. I remember him saying he was coming after my family and it wasn't the women he wanted but yet in the dream we were the ones being beat down. By the time it seemed I'd lost against him, I just ran and screamed which woke me up.

Why am I sharing this long story...well as soon as I woke up I immediately began to pray and rebuke the enemy. And then I thought...why didn't I wake up sooner? Why didn't I keep fighting? Sometimes when I sleep and have a crazy dream, I wake up pretty swiftly and begin to pray because of recognizing the dream is not my reality. So after praying and thinking about this thing I said to myself, "wake up." And maybe that wasn't just for me but you too.

You will have moments when the enemy is fighting against you. There is a spiritual warfare out there. Satan wants to beat you down. And though you may suffer (even in times when the enemy's attacks aren't directly towards you yet they hit you) realize it's an opportunity for Christ to be glorified. Do not allow fear to contaminate your faith. As you may recall in the dream, I just gave up because prayer wasn't working the way I wanted it to. I wanted God to perform a miracle and make the monstrous thing go away instantly. In that moment it was almost like saying, "God, be a microwave oven!"

When we give up our faith we grab hold of fear and tuck tail and run. We must realize our trials and tribulations are not our destiny. Therefore it is not the reality God has called us to. WAKE UP the situation, those people, and that issue is only for a moment. That's not the reality God has for you.

Every time I have a bad dream I wake up and think, "God I'm so glad that's not my life." And even if it does mirror things I'm going through I can still say, "God, you are my weapon because this is not my final destination...I will wake up and arise from this."

The scripture I reviewed prior to going to sleep at 7 PM (I was tired lol) was, 2 Timothy 1:7 and I wish I would've grabbed a hold of it as my point of faith with God. "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." I won't tell you you won't go through some rough times because you probably will. But will you trust God?

I've said all this to say, "Wake up, this is not your reality unless you believe and receive it as such." God is speaking to us all, "Wake up!"

When we are afraid, I pray that we will cling to the Rock.

"When I Am Afraid" by Laura Hackett


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